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Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil – What does this Mean?

By Karen Middleton

TIANA Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a Cold Pressed Coconut Oil.

If you stop and think about it, extracting the oil from a coconut isn’t as straightforward as extracting its milk (a process which is much more straightforward; pierce the coconut, pour and enjoy).

Three main methods have been developed to effect this. The quality of the oil produced will depend largely (though not exclusively) on the extraction method used. We will touch here on all three methods:

Chemical Extraction Method

This method is quite nasty! The coconut flesh is immersed into a chemical bath – typically hexane, which separates the oil from the flesh. While this method is very cheap – and efficient at extracting, the oil produced then has to be refined by filtering and bleaching. This results in a product inferior in purity, taste and quality.

Expeller Pressed Method

This is better – it’s a chemical-free method. Expeller pressing is a mechanical method one which literally squeezes the oil from the coconut flesh in a press. While the press does not apply any heat to either the source of the oil or the oil itself, the force of friction applied by the press to the coconut shell will raise the temperature of the oil as it is extracted. This risks compromising the quality of the oil that is extracted.

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Extraction Method

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil – The method of extraction, like with expeller pressing, is a mechanical one. The important difference is that the presses used are sited in a strictly temperature-controlled environment. The temperature controlled environment negates the effects of friction induced heat, ensuring that the coconut oil is not exposed to temperatures in excess of 49 degress celsius. The absence of heat guarantees that the oil will retain its natural flavours, aroma, colour and nutrition.

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