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TIANA Testimonials

At TIANA Fair Trade Organics, we are proud of the amazing testimonials we receive!

Testimonials for TIANA Fair Trade Organic Superfoods and Beauty Sensations regularly arrive in our office! They come from a broad range of our customers – housewives, students, athletes, nutritionists, health practitioners and more.

Our first testimonial is from Karen Middleton – who was a customer (and still is!) – but she loved our products so much, she now works for TIANA as a Consultant Nutritionist.

By Karen Middleton

My secret beauty and superfood product is TIANA Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil cold pressed. I have been using this magical oil for many years; it’s a miracle in a jar, cold pressed only from fresh selected organic coconuts without heat and is naturally full of antioxidants and vitamins. It is nothing but fresh coconut so provides the richest source of fatty acids that are native to the skin’s barrier layer. Unlike other, inferior virgin coconut oils – those produced from desiccated coconut or fresh coconuts that were dried for about 36 hours, expeller pressed or through using a centrifuge, this Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is c ompletely raw and natural.

It works as an excellent non-skin-irritating moisturiser and a very effective antiseptic. It boosts the skin’s overall health while restoring its elasticity and minimises wrinkles. It’s also a multi-functional product. I use it as my face cleanser and a makeup remover as it not only protect the skin around my eyes but also conditions my eyelashes. My skin used to be dry and sensitive – but after continued use of TIANA Extra Virgin Coconut Oil cold pressed it has proved to be an ideal solution for, dry, mature, irritated and sensitive skin. I also use this oil as pre-wash conditioner; it nourishes my hair leaving it feeling soft with a glossy shine.

As part of my diet, I have one tablespoon every day after breakfast. It’s an amazing product, and when eaten naturally, it immediately digests, releasing energy and increasing the metabolism. I then feel full of energy throughout the day without getting tired. It also has the highest content of essential fatty acids, Lauric, Capric and Caprylic – this strengthen the immune system so I hardly ever catch colds or flu. For cooking, I use it as a substitute for dairy butter or sunflower oil as it is cholesterol and trans-fat free. Due to its unique chemical formula it does not lead to any weight gain and needless to say I am size 10 and my weight has remained constant for all these years.

I believe that this Fair Trade Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is unique; it should not be confused with brands made from hybrid coconuts, desiccated coconut or from coconut milk by fermentation, so ask for TIANA by name! I am also a strong believer in pure organic beauty and hair products and the famous saying Don’t put anything on your face that you would not put in your mouth.

I also love TIANA Fair Trade Organics new beauty and hair Sensations Range. The Beauty Sensation range of products is certified 100% organic and is made only from Fair Trade certified ingredients.

I love using TIANA Rose Fresh TLC Coconut Moisturiser. This luxuriously rich ultra-concentrated anti-ageing face cream actively reduces fine lines and wrinkles and deeply conditions and hydrates the skin. I use it as a day moisturiser and night cream (including around my eyes), with its natural rose scent it’s absolutely beautiful to use.

As my essential body moisturiser, I will always reach for TIANA Pure Virgin Coconut Oil for dry skin which quickly absorbs into my skin, making it feel smooth and soft without feeling greasy; the condition of my hair has considerably improved since I started applying TIANA Argan Fresh Coconut TLC, intensive hair hydration treatment, which combines the highly effective cold pressed coconut and argan oils together! This intensive hair hydration treatment leaves my hair manageable, healthy, silky and shiny.

Please read on for more testimonials from happy TIANA customers:

It is very difficult to avoid dehydration during a long race, having tried all brands of coconut water available in the UK and TIANA Organic Raw Coconut Water from fresh young coconuts is my only choice for coconut water and I recommend TIANA coconut water for active hydration and enjoyment.

As one of the oldest male member of the athletics team for the Olympic Games in London, the need for me to look after my body was higher than ever. Combining Training twice each day, working full time as a PE teacher and having two young children of my own, my energy demands are massive, as is the need for me to remain healthy at all times. I have found TIANA Organic Raw Coconut Oil has assisted me over the past 2 years, so that I can combine the busy life I have.

It has strengthened my immune system and allowed me to train and recover in order for me to operate at the highest level possible in sport. TIANA has helped my dreams come true.

Coconut oil for sports testimonials – Stuart Stokes, Team GB Olympic Athlete

Having trekked to Everest Base Camp and beyond, my capacity to physically function and perform to a high level, over a sustained period of time, was greatly enhanced having used TIANA coconut health products. My ability to recover more rapidly was also evident. These products were a significant contributing factor to my successful completion of this challenge.

TIANA Testimonials – John McClinton, Nutritionist

After reading your website and how coconut oil helps with weight loss, I’m taking three tablespoons of coconut oil before my daily workout and it really gives me more energy and I’ve now lost 3 pounds in just under two weeks Thanks TIANA.

Coconut oil weight loss Testimonials – Paul Collings (Southampton)

I have used the TIANA extra virgin coconut oil for a few years now and have always found it to be excellent. It has the best flavour of any coconut oils that I have tried previously. I also like the fact that it comes in a glass jar. I use it in cooking whenever I have to fry food – it adds a lovely flavour and because it stays stable during cooking it means that you get the same benefits as using the cold oil. It has many health benefits – I am fairly healthy anyway, but I have found that since using it in cooking and also as a moisturiser that my eczema has all but disappeared. It is wonderful to use on the skin as it is quickly absorbed, smells brilliant and has no nasty chemicals at all. It can be used as a sun screen for about 15 minutes – again no chemicals involved. I love it!

TIANA Testimonials – Miss Murray, Glasgow

Thank you so much for your marvellous coconut oil. I have been using it for the past 4 months or so and have found it to work wonderfully on my long term Candida condition. This was a very severe condition that had spread in my body and caused me some horrible symptoms. I had tried everything over the years including another make of coconut oil which just caused nausea. Then I found yours and within a week or two I started to feel it was helping. I am so pleased that it has given me great relief and take 3 teaspoons throughout the day.

I have also found it great as a makeup remover and to moisturize my face. It works better than any moisturisers I have ever tried. I have now bought a huge pot as I know I shall be using it!

TIANA Testimonials – Netty, Essex

My family and I have been using virgin coconut oil daily, with great benefit, in our diets for nearly ten years now so I was very happy to find such a superior oil such as TIANA’s sold here in the UK.

Especially so as I was unexpectedly diagnosed with an auto immune condition similar to Crohn’s a couple of years ago. A renowned immunologist recommended a hypo-allergenic diet free from gluten, dairy, sugar, all refined and processed foods and importantly, ‘including an increased use of MCT’s. TIANA’s products, the coconut flour but particularly the coconut oil became even more a substantial and essential part of my daily diet. I truly feel the increased use of coconut oil has helped heal and restore integrity to my leaky gut and eased all inflammatory symptoms.

I use no drugs or medications what so ever and use these dietary measures to control and modulate my immune system. I would be lost without coconut oil! Baking, frying, sautéing, smoothie and raw chocolate making…. we use coconut oil a lot! Additionally my whole family really enjoy the taste of coconut oil and flour daily, and since I prepared and cook our meals my husband has lost weight – an additional and unexpected bonus. My son also no longer suffers from the occasional eczema which would crop up without warning. Both attributes we feel the coconut oil has helped, healed and improved. Thanks TIANA for such high quality and fantastic products and service.

TIANA Testimonials – Miss Ashbourne, Herefordshire

In April 2009 I was diagnosed with Candida. After doing research I learned that coconut oil is especially good at helping to treat this fungal infection, as it has natural anti-fungal properties. I tried a couple of different brands, but quickly settled on TIANA coconut oil as it had the nicest, most natural flavour. I took it regularly each day, either directly, or mixed into porridge.

I was re-tested in January 2010 and the Candida was completely gone. I felt great and had a much better quality of life. I had also lost 17kg and was back at my ideal weight. I have continued to use TIANA coconut oil every day since then and the Candida has never come back. I often recommend coconut oil to my friends, and always TIANA coconut oil.

Coconut oil and candida Testimonials – Mr D. Pounds, Southampton

As a family we have been using TIANA’s coconut oil for a number of years now. After trying a range of coconut oils on the market we found TIANA’s to be far superior in quality in all areas than any other similar product on the market. Being organic and fair trade made the product even more appealing.

One of the main benefits we have all found from the use of the oil has been for applying it as a moisturiser, especially for dry skin, mild eczema and when being exposed to pollutants. Our one year old girl loves applying it to herself and the rest of the family! TIANA’s coconut oil has been her favourite food since she started weaning!

We cook nearly all our food with the oil. It’s great to cook with and produces a delicious tasty flavour and a wonderful aroma. We know we are benefiting from eating a superb nutritional product with a fat which is stable when being cooked with and is also great for our overall health and wellbeing. Our 8 year old son loves eating his rice because he always adds the coconut oil to it!

Coconut oil and eczema Testimonials – C and B Gangadia (Natural Health Practitioners), London

I first heard about coconut oil a couple of years ago when looking for natural help for hypothyroidism which I had just been diagnosed with.

I discovered that coconut oil is nature’s most abundant source of lauric acid and medium chain fatty acids which are rapidly metabolised by the liver and result in increased thyroid function. I have found this to be true as since starting to use coconut oil I have had much more energy and without even wanting or trying to lose weight, I lost half a stone which I have never put back on! My THS level has also gone down and I have not had to increase my thyroid medication at all. I noticed, too, that my HDL (good cholesterol) has increased.

After researching many different coconut oils I decided to buy TIANA Extra Virgin and have never looked back. It has all the qualities a good coconut oil should have with a lovely, delicate smell and taste, unlike refined coconut oils. Coconut oil is the safest and healthiest oil to cook with and I rarely use anything else. I also use it in sandwiches and dressings and sometimes eat it straight off the spoon – it’s that delicious!

I only wish I had started using it years ago as I feel it has had a great effect on my health.
Thanks TIANA.

TIANA Testimonials – Miss A. Dorey, Hertfordshire

Having suffered from Chronic Fatigue for nearly 20 years I was at my wit’s end to try and find a solution to this debilitating condition. After extensive research I stumbled upon a link regarding coconut oil and its inherent healing properties for the immune system. I initially tried a number of different brands of coconut oil but found them all to be unpalatable and then I finally came across with TIANA coconut oil which I happily discovered to be in an entirely different league of its own.

I started off with one teaspoon every day (just added to my morning cup of black coffee) and gradually built up my intake until I found the dosage that was appropriate for my body. Within three months of taking it, my energy levels had improved considerably and now three years on I have not succumbed to a single prolonged occurrence of Chronic Fatigue. I am also a Type 1 Diabetic and occasionally used to suffer from quite nasty flare ups of Candida but since taking TIANA coconut oil my problems with candida have also reduced considerably. I absolutely could not do without TIANA coconut oil and I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone!

Coconut oil for energy boost Testimonials – Kanina, London

I was first recommended to take Coconut Oil by a private Russian Doctor when I was trying to cope with Candida Albicans. All conventional approaches to combat this little understood, but debilitating condition, had failed. I researched sources of coconut products and ordered TIANA Coconut Oil as it had the highest quality rating, being Organic, cold pressed virgin oil. I simply took a spoonful after each meal (3 times a day) I found the oil helped bring my candida under control and the added spin off was that my Irritable bowel symptoms also calmed down.

The benefits of using Coconut Oil are clearly not appreciated by conventional medicine within the NHS. So many suffering people could really benefit by taking this wonderful oil from TIANA”

TIANA Testimonials – Mr. Paulding, Berkshire.

I have read about coconut oil that can help to cure candida and I bought it from another company selling on the internet. It did not help me at all, but I decided to give it another go and tried one of your samples. It was much better tasting and after buying your 6 for 5 jars deal, I feel much better and will be recommending your coconut oil to anyone who has candida infection. It really works!

TIANA Testimonials – TIANA Testimonials – David Andrews (London)

I would like to say many thanks to everyone at TIANA, the delivery service was next day and the coconut oil is delicious. I have tried many brands and yours is by far the best.

TIANA Testimonials – Leigh Adam (Bristol)

Recently I was diagnosed with coeliac disease and through coeliacuk, I discovered your products. The coconut flour is pure heaven, the cakes taste fantastic and my family, who don’t suffer from coeliac disease, loved the coconut cake. Thank you TIANA!

Coconut flour and coeliac disease Testimonials – Sarah Young (London)

I made some scones using coconut flour and invited some friends who couldn’t believe that they were made from coconut flour.
We all enjoyed them very much and can’t wait to try a few of your other recipes.

TIANA Testimonials – Gemma Hall (Essex)

Many thanks to Alex for recommendation on how to use coconut oil, every morning I now have coconut oil spread on toast and it’s much nicer than eating it on it’s own.

TIANA Testimonials – Michelle Cage (Yeovil)

I am on a raw food diet and your coconut oil and flour are excellent!

TIANA Testimonials – Amy Hicks (Watford)

I was sceptical about coconut oil and it always seems so expensive, but I gave it a chance with one of your samples and it’s really great, I feel more energetic and full of life!

TIANA Testimonials – Jim Bulley (Manchester)

Your coconut oil helped to restore my hair growth.
My hair is now shiny and in much better condition.

TIANA Testimonials – Agnes Wiltshire (Cornwall)

I recently bought your coconut oil in a 10 litre tub. What a fantastic product. I use it for everything from cooking to using for my skin condition and it really makes me feel much better.

TIANA Testimonials – Sally Jennings (Dorset)

Your coconut oil is excellent as a makeup remover – unbeatable value for money!

TIANA Testimonials – Beth Wicks (London)

I like that your coconut oil is packed in glass. The oil I used to buy was in plastic and there were a lot of impurities. Now I only buy tiana!

TIANA Testimonials – Trevor Goodman (Swansea)

I received my order the next day what a service & excellent products. Thanks TIANA.

TIANA Testimonials – Kerry Callard (Plymouth)

Before buying from TIANA, I used to buy from my local health shop which sold another brand of coconut oil. There is no comparison! Your oil tastes so much better they should have different names. This is like the Rolls Royce of coconut oils compared to a Skoda!

TIANA Testimonials – Mike Docker (Motherwell)

Your pure virgin coconut oil was very helpful for my baby. She has eczema and the oil soothes and there is noticeable improvement after only a week. Thanks to Tanya for introducing me to this great product.

TIANA Testimonials – Lydia Lewis (Northampton)

I have gluten intolerance and your coconut products are ideal for a gluten free diet.

TIANA Testimonials – Alex Newsom (Bolton)

I have intolerance to gluten and was recommended TIANA by a friend. I tried your coconut flour in several recipes and I can proudly say that baked food made with your flour tastes delicious.

TIANA Testimonials – Andrew Porter (London)

My order arrived the next day and your coconut water and coconut flour are wonderful!

TIANA Testimonials – Joseph Kinnear (Milton Keynes)

Thank you for your amazing coconut nectar and coconut flour; they are such remarkable products, I would recommend it to all my friends!

TIANA Testimonials – Martina Bergmann (Cardiff)

Your 10L pail is great; my wife uses it for cooking and skincare and hair – fantastic oil and value!

TIANA Testimonials – Mahendra Paswan (Bradford)

I go to the gym everyday and your organic coconut water and coconut oil gives me so much energy – I’m actually losing weight with your oil and a regular workout.

TIANA Testimonials – Emma Lewis (Leicestershire)

My son has coeliac disease and my nutritionist recommended your coconut flour. I just bought the 500g pack and made muffins which my son loves, thanks to everyone at TIANA.

TIANA Testimonials – Jo Brookes (London)

I’ve been using your coconut flour for almost 2 months now and I’ve already lost 5 pounds, it’s very effective and tastes pretty good too, thanks!

TIANA Testimonials – Gemma Chambers (Chester)

Your coconut oil is an incredibly good moisturiser – I can’t believe it works better than most creams and lasts for a long time too, the 500ml jar I bought is still not even halfway through.

TIANA Testimonials – Deborah Williams (Dorset)

Wow! Thank you, I got your fantastic coconut water! Tastes delicious!!

TIANA Testimonials – Marinda (Essex)

Thanks for the prompt service and friendly customer service staff that processed my order.

TIANA Testimonials – Rob Jones (London)

Many thanks to TIANA, my order for coconut oil was placed on Wednesday and arrived Thursday morning, well packed and at an exceptional price!

TIANA Testimonials – Jack Tolfrey (Kent)

I’ve been using your coconut oil for a few weeks now, and I’m obliged to write in and thank you for the wonderful oil, it’s so much better than others I’ve tried and I will definitely buy from you again.

TIANA Testimonials – Liz MacLeod (Fife)

Wonderful products and service, thoroughly recommended! I’m very much looking forward to omega coconut butter and coconut nectar!

TIANA Testimonials – Sarah Murphy (Henley-on-Thames)

I had trouble with paypal not accepting my card details, so I phoned in and spoke to Alex who was very friendly and took my order – which I then received the following day. Thank you tiana.

TIANA Testimonials – L. Blackburn (Aberdeen)

Very fast service and the best coconut oil, will definitely buy from you again.

TIANA Testimonials – Carol Townsend (London)

I’ve bought from yourselves several times now and not only is the service great, but I’ve managed to lose weight with your coconut oil.

TIANA Testimonials – Melissa Naytee (Middlesex)

I like your selection of recipes, I’ve cooked a few now and they’re great, keep up the good work!

TIANA Testimonials – Peter Sappleton (Manchester)

I was very pleased with TIANA omega 3 spreadable butter oil; I received my order very quickly and will definitely buy from you again.

TIANA Testimonials – J. Bowden, (Somerset)

Your coconut oil is wonderful and I’m looking forward to sampling organic coconut water.

TIANA Testimonials – M. Gough, (Chesham, Bucks)

I was recommended TIANA by a close friend, and I love your coconut oil and coconut water – they are the best I’ve tried!

TIANA Testimonials – A. E. Wilkinson, (London)

We couldn’t believe how wonderful TIANA coconut oil tasted, and how great we felt!

TIANA Testimonials – D. & T. Daniels, (West Sussex)

I just received my order of coconut oil and I have to say it tastes fabulous! I have tried one other brand of the oil and it doesn’t even come close to tasting a good as your Virgin Coconut Oil.

TIANA Testimonials – G. Metcalfe, (Bournemouth)

Many thanks for the prompt service. Your coconut water is the best I’ve tasted!

TIANA Testimonials – T. Whitmore (Sussex)

Thank you for the wonderful oil – I’ve been using it for cooking and I also eat two teaspoons a day, and already I’ve lost some weight! I’ll recommend tiana to everyone I know.

TIANA Testimonials – J. Owen (London)

Great coconut nectar and rose coconut moisturiser. Very quick delivery, thank you!

TIANA Testimonials – S. Stirling (Sunderland)

I usually bought from another website, but I decided to try your oil and coconut water as they were on offer, and I’m converted! I didn’t realise the difference in taste could be so great.

TIANA Testimonials – H. Randall (Middlesex)

Very satisfied with rose coconut oil moisturiser, thank you very much!

TIANA Testimonials – S. Johnson (Cornwall)

Thank you for sending me your argan coconut cream for hair with my order for oil – it was unexpected and a lovely surprise as this hair cream is fantastic!

TIANA Testimonials – K. Dawson (Yorkshire)

Dear Customers:

Thank you so much for all your lovely e-mails. We are pleased with all your wonderful comments, and are delighted that you love our TIANA products so much. We hope you continue to enjoy the TIANA Fair Trade organic range.

Kind regards,
The TIANA team.

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