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Raw Organic Coconut Goodness 350g £ 8.99 In stock

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Raw Organic Coconut Goodness 350g

Pure Unsweetened Coconut Flesh

  • 100% raw and highly nutritious
  • It is not coconut oil or creamed coconut
  • Contains fibre, protein and the nutrients of the fresh coconut
  • Amazing taste, just eat on its own by spoon
  • Ideal for cooking, baking and delicious smoothies
  • Make raw coconut milk or coconut cream-just add water



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Creamy and delicious tasting Coconut Heaven from coconut flesh

TIANA Fair Trade Organics Raw Organic Coconut Goodness is a multi-award winning product for its taste and quality. It is the pure white unsweetened coconut flesh from raw organic coconuts. With a smooth and creamy spread-like consistency made using the latest cold press technology – below  40° C . 100% raw, coconut goodness that can be used for desserts, smoothies, cooking or diluted with a little water to make coconut milk or cream.

TIANA Fair Trade Organics Raw Organic Coconut Goodness is produced from selected large organic coconuts, which is important due to the nutritional value that raw coconut provides. Fresh white coconut flesh contains a wide variety of vitamins such as B-complex vitamins, vitamin C and E and folic acid together with minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc. The coconut flesh comprises approximately 33% pure coconut oil, and one cup of fresh shredded coconut contains just 3 g of carbohydrate and 9 g of dietary fibre.

This delicious creamy coconut goodness melts in your mouth and provides all the benefits of raw coconut including dietary fibre, protein and Lauric acid. TIANA Fair Trade Organics Raw Organic Coconut Goodness contains no sweeteners, no additives or preservatives, no GMO, no pesticides, no artificial flavour, no stabilisers, no added sugar – only pure raw unadulterated coconut. It is also gluten free, cholesterol free, trans-fats free, thus it can be used for raw diets, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Store this delicious coconut food product in a cool dry place at room temperature away from direct exposure to sunlight.

TIANA Fair Trade Organics Raw Organic Coconut Goodness is so versatile that one can make coconut milk or coconut cream by just adding warm water to it!

For a really thick coconut cream simply warm the jar in a pan and you will get an extra creamy and delicious coconut cream which is an excellent alternative to dairy cream, cream cheese or even butter. For those nutty about coconuts simply enjoy TIANA Fair Trade Organics Raw Organic Coconut Goodness by the spoonful straight from the jar, or use it to make nutritious smoothies, pina colada, desserts, ice-cream, sauces, dips, coconut based spreads or for cooking and baking – the list is endless!



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