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Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml £ 14.99 In stock

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Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml

  • Highly nutritious and delicious
  • A multi-functional super food
  • Food supplement, essential for your wellbeing
  • The highest content of Lauric acid
  • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Excellent for all cooking and baking
  • Perfect for use on Skin, Hairs, Teeth and much more



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TIANA Fair Trade Organics Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the only coconut oil on the market which is 100% guaranteed 1st pressed from selected ripe fresh organic coconuts, unlike any other virgin coconut oils. Those other oils are produced from coconut flesh that has been dried in the sun for up to 36 hours before being pressing or centrifuged, and then expeller pressed or produced from coconut milk by fermentation. We use the cold pressed method which employs the same principle as with expeller pressed but with this important difference. The presses are sited in a temperature controlled environment. This means that no heat is applied during the extraction process. As a result, the extra virgin coconut oil is raw and retains all of the natural purity, goodness and nutrient content.

TIANA Fair Trade Organics Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a multi-functional product and is not just a cooking oil. Due to the highest nutrition, it is ideal for your well-being as part of a healthy balanced diet, unlike other virgin coconut oils.



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