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Vegetarian Diets & Food

Vegetarian food, vegetarian diet and the benefits of vegetarian diet. Vegetarian diet is naturally high in fibre and rich in important health promoting nutrients, which has been linked to lowering the risk of certain types of cancers. Vegans and vegetarians. Wholefoods diet.

Changing your diet – vegetarianism

More people are indeed turning to vegan and vegetarian practices and without doubt, the number one reason is for the good of their health. Consumers are looking for vegetarian food products to help them prevent some diseases, optimise their weight and get a good feeling from such foods. The other reasons which vegetarian food consumers are looking for are; ethical concerns, animal welfare, concern for the planet, religious reasons and product innovation.

Health benefits from eating a well-balanced diet are enormous and for some people, it’s the only way. We’ve seen an increase in vegetarian, vegan and raw diets ourselves from the people we speak to every day. For the health conscious the benefits of eating less meat and more legumes, fruits and vegetables are many. A plant-based diet with increased consumption of whole grains and heart-friendly fats has the potential to reduce the risk of many chronic ailments as well as lower the risk of heart disease. A plant-based diet is naturally high in fibre and rich in important health promoting nutrients, which has been linked to lowering the risk of certain types of cancers.

Oils and fats are very important for a healthy balanced diet and coconut oil is currently regarded as one of the healthiest cooking oils. Coconut oil is vegetarian and vegan, naturally saturated from a plant source. The big difference with saturated fat from animal source fats in meat, butter, dairy fat) is that coconut oil is composed of medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) that are absorbed, distributed and metabolised differently from long chains fatty acids (LCFAs). Coconut oil contains an essential fatty acid called Lauric acid.

Current nutritional research has revealed that vegetable oils such as sunflower, soya and corn are not worth using for cooking because these oils have a significant inclination to suffer heat damage and therefore oxidise during cooking. Coconut oil is very stable to oxidation and if a recipe calls for olive oil, vegetable oil, butter or margarine, replace with coconut oil because it proves to be stable enough to withstand high heat. Substitute coconut oil for any oil needed for all cooking or baking.

The saturated oils that come from animals are cholesterol rich. Coconut oil is saturated oil from a plant and is completely cholesterol free. Because coconut oil does not need to go through partial hydrogenation, it has no trans-fats.

In the tropics and at temperatures above 25 °C, coconut oil is a clear liquid. At temperatures below this, coconut oil becomes pure white coconut butter.

The composition of coconut oil can differ depending on two factors – the extraction process and the variety of the coconut tree from which the nut came from. Virgin coconut oil can be extracted from coconut meat using different methods: cold pressed, expeller pressed, centrifuged or from coconut milk by fermentation, the latest two require oil to be heated to further evaporate the water then strained. The amount of Lauric acid indicates the oil extraction rate and grade. A virgin coconut oil can have from 45% to highest grade of 57% Lauric acid. Fair Trade Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has the highest content of 57% Lauric acid. Moisture content should be below the minimum of 0.2%, TIANA raw extra virgin coconut oil has less than 0.1%.

Not all coconut oils are same

Use the Very Best TIANA fairtrade organic raw extra-virgin coconut oil

In a nutshell, there are two types of virgin coconut oils:

TIANA is premium quality, the purest, certified organic and fair trade extra virgin coconut oil that is cold pressed from fresh coconuts without heat. It is highly nutritious, 100% raw and suitable for raw diets. Absolutely delicious, TIANA fair trade organic extra virgin coconut oil works well in most recipes.

If you prefer coconut oil without coconut taste and flavour, try TIANA Fair Trade Organic Pure Coconut Cooking Butter. The texture of our TIANA organic coconut butters is ideal for use in all cooking and baking recipes.

A vegetarian diet not only replaces animal fats with vegetable ones but often cuts down on the total fat that comes from meat and dairy products.

Many vegetarians eat wholefoods, avoiding the high levels of added salt and sugar in many processed foods.

Why wholefoods?

A wholefood diet is not the same as vegetarian one, but the two are often combined. Wholefoods are foods that have undergone as little processing as possible, i.e. they have not been refined nor had chemicals added in the form of preservatives, emulsifies flavourings etc.

Are vegetarians healthier?

Research showed that vegetarians are better protected from some chronic diseases. Coronary heart disease is one of Britain’s biggest killers. Many experts believe the high death rate is linked with the high consumption of animal fats which put up cholesterol levels. Diseases connected with overweight, such as diabetes and high blood pressure are also less likely to be suffered by vegetarians.

Nutrition is very important for vegetarian diet


Protein is composed of amino acids, there are 20 or so amino acids commonly found in food. Out of them there are eight amino acids necessary for adults and ten for growing children which cannot be made by the body and must be supplied in the diet. They called the essential amino-acids. Vegetable protein comes from a single source such as pulses, grain, nuts and seeds.

TIANA Fair Trade Organic Coconut Flour is good source of protein (19% per 100g) and excellent product to incorporate into your vegetarian diet.


There are three main groups of carbohydrates – sugars, starches and fibre.

Unrefined carbohydrates are the best; they contain all their vitamins, minerals and fibre.

Fibre is made up of a group of substances in the cells of plants and vegetables which cannot be broken down by the human digestive enzymes. Fibre absorbs large amount of water and prevent constipation.

A lack of fibre is linked with the growing numbers of appendicitis, obesity, diabetes, coronary heat disease and cancer of the colon. Food source of fibre are whole grain cereals, pulses, vegetables, nuts and fruits.

TIANA Fair Trade Organic Coconut Flour has high dietary fibre content (38% per 100g). Baked foods made with TIANA coconut flour are absolutely delicious and nutritious and excellent for vegetarian diet.

There are five main vegetarian food groups:

Vegetarians and vegans: what is the difference?

There are approximately 3.5 million vegetarians and 0.25 million vegans in the UK.

Some of vegetarians eat cheese, milk, eggs and fish but major vegetarians don’t eat any meat, fish, seafood or animal by-products.

Vegans don’t eat any food of animal origin: meat, fish, dairy foods and honey.

If you are vegetarian or would like to become vegetarian it is important to incorporate in your daily diet food that is made using the highly nutritional products such as TIANA Fair Trade Organics Coconut Baking Flour, TIANA Fair Trade Organics Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and TIANA Fair Trade Organics Raw Coconut Goodness.

The premium TIANA range of organic coconut products is well suited for vegetarian and vegan diets. Organic and Fair trade certified, By incorporating our coconut products into your daily diet you get a good feeling about the ethical and environment concerns, animal rights and helping poor people in the developing countries. It is also very important that the products have a good taste as more and more people become vegetarians.

TIANA products are eco-friendly, packed in recyclable glass and produced to the highest quality standards; they are delicious and nutritious, free from animal ingredients and regarded as free from foods.

The success of TIANA coconut products is that the all consumers in vegetarian, fair trade, organic, sustainable and the free from foods markets are able to find everything that they are looking for by buying TIANA products.

All TIANA organic coconut products are 100% vegetarian and successfully sold in good health food stores and through premium retailers nationwide, however, all at TIANA would like to bring our organic and fair trade-certified products to a wider audience contributing to their healthy eating thus helping farmers, workers and their families to get a better life in the developing world.

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