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Raw Food and Raw Diet

Raw food is food that comes in its uncooked form

Raw food is food that comes in its uncooked form. Raw food includes fresh food such as fruit, vegetables and herbs, sproutable foods such as all seeds, nuts, beans and grains and cultured foods that have friendly bacteria in it such as acidophilus, bifodus or koji. Food that has been dried or dehydrated naturally below 45⁰C is considered alive and raw. Raw foods contain enzymes and have enormously higher nutrient content than the foods that have been cooked and are also trans-fat free and low in sodium. Enzymes are important because they assist in the digestion and absorption of food. If you eat food that contains no enzymes, your body will not get maximum nutrients from the food. This causes toxicity in the body. Heating food above 50 º C is believed to destroy enzymes in food that can assist in the digestion and absorption of food. People who are on a raw diet believe that by eating raw organic foods they detoxify their system promoting weight loss and will prevent or heal many diseases. They also believe that the greater the percentage (75% -99%) of raw foods in their diet, the greater the health benefits. The raw food diet is trans-fat free and low in sodium and high in potassium, magnesium, fibre and other important nutrients.

Benefits of raw food and raw food diet

Raw organic vegan food provides a large number of benefits. Eating raw food provides 100% nutrition whereas the same food in cooked form can have up to 85% lower nutritional value. Raw food provides us with all the enzymes, catalysts and an excellent source of unadulterated natural fibre that help to digest our food better. Enzymes are destroyed at temperatures above 40⁰C and without them our bodies have to work much harder to digest the food we consume. Enzyme-rich raw food, when eaten, will break down immediately in your stomach and will be an efficient source of energy and nutrition at a faster rate. Raw food is easy to absorb and the cleansing process begins to helps to flush out old toxins. Those who embrace a raw food diet invariably experience improvements in their general physical and mental status, including more energy, better health, weight loss, detoxification and more effective immune system that fights and recovers from just about any kind of disease. Energy efficiency: Since you no longer have to cook, you don’t waste electricity and help save the environment. If you support organic agriculture, you are contributing to better the environment. Most become more in-tune with their body; many report definite spiritual improvements.

Raw food growing in popularity

Those who are on raw food diets are mainly vegetarians or vegans who may prefer to buy organic raw foods, therefore there are strong connections between organic, vegetarian and vegan foods which find that it has many beauty benefits already prove the growth and popularity. The numbers of raw food consumer are considerably increasing because people are generally looking to improve their health and wellbeing by eating raw organic foods. Many athletes have found that light raw meals give a more sustainable form of energy and allow them to surpass their previous records. Students also find that raw food gives them a more balanced blood sugar level and helps them think more clearly and stay more focused. Most people on raw diets often say they feel fantastic and have more energy.

Why should raw food be organic?

Non-organic or conventionally grown foods may contain some poisons that can cause cell damage whereas organic raw foods are grown without chemicals, pesticides or fungicides. Organic raw foods contain many vital nutrients and are rich in vitamins. Plants have the natural ability to distil water. Organically distilled water can be obtained by juicing or eating watery fruits or by drinking coconut water.

TIANA Fair Trade Organic Raw Food Product Range

The premium TIANA range of raw food products includes:

A raw organic diet naturally offers the essential nutrients for maximum vitality; raw foods can decrease sensitivity reactions and help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

When you buy raw foods it is important to know the following about some "raw" foods supplied to food stores.

Virgin Coconut Oil: Whether it is raw or not depends on the production methods, if virgin coconut oil produced by expeller pressing, centrifuged or made from coconut milk by fermentation at high temperatures it cannot be regarded as raw and not suitable for raw diets. Only cold pressed (under 40⁰C) virgin coconut oil can be classified as raw. Young Thai coconuts and coconut water: These raw coconuts are definitely not organic because they have been treated with various chemicals including formaldehyde and bleach and are processed by machines. Honey: Honey to be packed and distributed commercially has to be heated above 70⁰C therefore such honeys cannot be raw as all important enzymes and nutrients will be destroyed at temperatures above 40⁰C. Nuts and nut butters: There is a question about how nuts and seeds are dried, using steam or machine hull. Many companies dry their nuts and seeds in ovens at well over 70⁰C therefore cannot be regarded as raw. Nut butters made from those "raw" nuts are sold as raw. Some nut butters are sold as raw even if the nut butter making equipment heats up to well over 70⁰C. Truly raw nuts are usually freeze-dried. Agave nectar: Commercially available agave nectar is a cooked product as it was heated to temperatures above 60⁰C to prevent fermentation and turning into alcohol. Apples and Cucumbers: For the purpose of extending the shelf life some apples and cucumbers are often waxed with a synthetic or carnuba wax. They may be labelled as organic but cannot be classified as raw as they are treated by the shipping or distribution companies.

TIANA Fair Trade Organics is a specialist manufacturer in fairtrade, organic and raw foods, this guarantees that our coconut water, extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil, baking flour, nectar- guilt free sugar alternative, exquisite omega 3 spreadable, coconut goodness and a selection of raw active unpasteurised honeys are all 100% raw and beneficial for raw organic well balanced diets.

Raw Diet Recipes

Raw Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

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Raw Organic Crystallised Coconut Nectar, guilt free sugar alternative

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Raw Organic Coconut Goodness

Raw Organic Active Wild Flower Honey

Raw Organic Cherry Blossom Honey

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