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Food Allergy and Intolerance

Multi-Award Winning TIANA Fair Trade Organic Superfoods Range

The premium TIANA fairtrade organic-certified products include coconut superfoods, coconut water and a selection of raw active wildflower and cherry blossom honey.

All TIANA superfoods are certified organic and free from foods, they are:

The range includes TIANA Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Baking Flour, Coconut Nectar, guilt-free sugar replacement, Exquisite Omega 3 Spreadable, dairy–free alternative to butter, Pure Coconut Water, Raw Coconut Goodness as dairy free alternative to coconut milk and coconut cream, High Omega 3 Coconut Cooking Butter, Pure Coconut Cooking Butter, Raw Active Wildflower Honey, Raw Active Cherry Blossom Honey

All of which are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians

All TIANA Fair Trade Organic Coconut Products are produced in an ISO 9001 and HACCP certified factory that only processes coconut products. There is no risk of cross contamination with wheat, grains, nuts or dairy products.

What is the difference between Food Allergy and Food Intolerance?

The premium free-from TIANA fairtrade organic-certified products include coconut products, coconut water and a selection of raw active wildflower and cherry blossom honey.

Food allergy and food intolerance are both types of food sensitivity.

When someone has a Food Allergy, their immune system reacts to a particular food as if it isn’t safe. If someone has a severe food allergy, this can cause a life-threatening reaction.

Food intolerance doesn’t involve the immune system and is generally not life-threatening, but if someone eats a food they are intolerant to, this could make them feel ill or affect their long-term health.

Around 15% of the population is allergic to some foods with reactions such as rashes, asthmatic attracts, swollen lips and eyes, and constriction of the throat occurring in seconds. These foods can be identified and avoided; if necessary, the culprits can be confirmed in standard laboratory tests.

Food intolerance is much more difficult to identify as symptoms such as migraine, asthma, eczema, urticaria (itching), coeliac disease and a permanently runny nose may or may not be the result of food intolerance.

Food and chemical sensitivities are at the root of many mental and emotional problems. Depression, anxiety, inability to concentrate, insomnia, irritability, panic attracts, mood swings, apathy and weepiness can all be trigged by sensitivity to foods we eat every day, as well as by the 3,000+ permitted chemicals that go into our foods.

The key is an exclusion diet. Faithfully followed, it will enable you to identity your own particular foods culprits. It is important to discuss your symptoms with your own doctor. Never exclude important food groups from a child’s diet except under medical supervision.

During an exclusion diet, it is better to avoid all processed, canned, frozen or bottled foods, in which may lurk foodstuffs which you should not eat or chemicals which may not appear on the labels. As far as possible, eat free-range chicken, organic fruit and vegetables this will lessen the load of toxic chemicals your body has to deal with.

Shopping for Free From Food Products

As awareness of healthy eating is growing it is now much easier to buy healthy, additive-free foods. Health food stores are the traditional source of many products that are free from foods.

The right food and healthy eating will maximise the body ability to fight back. Superfoods are the right food to maintain wellbeing, as well as help restore it. Ideally the food we eat would be organic that is grown in soil uncontaminated by heavy metals and acid rain. Fruit and vegetables grown on depleted soils are often low in vital minerals and trace elements, especially zinc, magnesium and selenium. Foods considered to be superfoods include; fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, pulses, meat, fish, poultry, herbs, spices, raw active honey and cold pressed virgin oils.

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