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TIANA Fair Trade Project – UK’s Certified Supplier of Coconut Products

TIANA Fair Trade Organics Ltd is a registered importer and supplier of Certified Fair Trade Organic coconut oil and coconut products available in the UK market.

Buying Fair Trade Certified products can make a huge difference to people’s lives in developing countries.

When you buy TIANA, you are not only supporting Fair Trade and help some of the World’s poor, you are also getting the finest and most nutritious organic coconut products available.

TIANA Fair Trade Project started at the end of 2009 when multiple typhoons hit the Philippines and coconut farmers lost their homes and almost all their income. The TIANA Fair Trade project guarantees a fair price for coconuts. This allows coconut farmers to earn at least 25 per cent more than minimum wage requirements in the Philippines.

Our project has already benefited several thousand people in the Philippines with improvements in healthcare, education and infrastructure. The Coconut farmers’ community hospital in Candelaria is currently used to provide direct healthcare to workers. TIANA Fair Trade Project is subsidising a 10 per cent cost of the total hospital bill for all coconut workers and their families.

TIANA Fair Trade Project updates

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Coconut Sugar Sustainability

Coconut Sugar Sustainability: Farmers often produce two products from the same tree – sap (nectar) and coconuts. This is usually done by restricting “tapping” (obtaining coconut nectar from the spathe) to 6 months, or tapping alternative spathes so that coconut production is also possible during the remaining months of the year.

Each coconut tree represents a considerable investment of time and effort by the coconut farmers. Our Fair Trade and organic coconut farmers work on a sustainable agriculture basis and will not risk damaging their trees by over producing coconut sap (nectar).

Sustainability – Coconut Palm Tree and Coconut Flowers

It could be claimed that the coconut tree is the most useful plant on earth because it has more uses than any other trees in the world. The coconut tree is considered a “three-generation-tree”: supporting a farmer, his children and his grandchildren. That is why the coconut tree is often referred to as the "tree of life".


Tiana Fair Trade Organics

TIANA Fair Trade Organics Ltd commitment to Fair Trade

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