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Fair Trade and Fair trade Certified Products

Fair trade Certified Products carry the Fair trade Mark which is awarded by one of the Fair Trade International Organisations to products that meet internationally agreed Fair Trade Standards.

There are several Fair Trade international organisations such as Ecocert SA, FLO (Fairtrade Foundation) and Rainforest Alliance. Fair Trade raises the incomes of workers and farmers boosting local economies; it is the key to a better life for hundreds of thousands of poor families throughout the World.

Fair Trade Certification guarantees fair terms of trade and fair prices for producers and supports democracy and decent working conditions. The fair price is based on local economic conditions, covering production, costs for farm improvements and provision for workers and their families to have a decent standard of living.

Farmers and workers are guaranteed a minimum fair price for their crop. The Fair Trade system is very different, in the supply chain the number of intermediaries is considerably reduced and farmers get a larger share of the export price. A specially developed auditing system checks that every Fair Trade labeled product sold to consumers has been produced by a Fairtrade certified producer where farmers and workers have been paid a fair price.

Fair Trade is long-term trade. Fair trade certified importers sign long term agreements with producers and to place orders well in advance so that even the poorest producers have access to markets in developing countries for their products. When we buy fairtrade certified product we know that buying a product consistently over a long period of time gives the producer stability and assurance of income.

Fair trade farmer co-operatives are estimated to earn between 25% and 60% more than they would without fair trade. This makes a huge difference to the poor families, the farmers and the local economy.

Buying Fair trade certified products helps to overcome poverty. Poverty kills on average 30,000 children a day.

Fair trade certified products are guaranteed not to involve the exploitation of child labour.
The Fair Trade Mark means that children under 15 are not employed at all.

Every time you buy a Fair trade certified product, you improve the lives of the poorest and fair trade is an effective way to help.

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