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Natures purist treasures

Quality organic coconut ingredients – food, cosmetics, animal feed and fishing bait ingredients. TIANA quality organic coconut ingredients will make your products unrivaled!

Bulk organic coconut ingredients for the food and cosmetics industries including Desiccated and various other products – please enquire via [email protected]

TIANA Fair Trade Organics Ltd is an established importer, manufacturer and the UK’s leading supplier of premium quality, nutritional, organic coconut ingredients and natural products that are excellent to be used for production of food, cosmetics, animal feed and fish bait.

All our organic coconut ingredients are produced exclusively for TIANA Fair Trade Organics Ltd at ISO 9002 & HACCP certified factories to ensure consistent high quality and guarantee availability.

We are pleased to offer contract manufacturing services including blending and packaging of the products under your own labels. Our organic and SALSA certified facilities have the latest, stainless steel computerised equipment which is manufactured exclusively for TIANA by top leading UK manufacturers.

Our organic ingredients are intended for:

TIANA Fair Trade Organics Premium Coconut Range No.1 in the UK
The ONLY Brand of Fair Trade Organic Coconut Superfoods

TIANA offers the finest coconut products as ingredients for producing organic foods, baby foods, bakery products, confectionary, frozen foods, ready meals, snacks, desserts, yogurt, ice-cream, beverages, smoothies, cereal and products for sports nutrition.

Our organic food ingredient products are free from cholesterol and are trans-fat free. They are GMO free and contain no artificial colour, flavour or preservatives and are available as certified organic or conventional ingredients in accordance with your requirements.

All TIANA products can be used for the production of foods that are gluten, wheat, dairy and nut free.

TIANA Fair Trade and Organic ingredients include; extra virgin coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut milk, coconut cream, creamed coconut and coconut flour, all of which are delicious, nutritious and functional. Our ingredients add taste, texture and value for the finished products.

TIANA Fair Trade Organic Gluten Free Coconut Baking Flour is your ideal solution for producing naturally gluten free and low-carbohydrate foods that taste as good as, if not better than, wheat based foods. TIANA Organic Coconut Flour is fibre-rich which, during baking, expands in volume and hence require specially tailored recipes which result in finished foods that use up to 50% less flour than ordinary recipes.

TIANA Organic Coconut Butter is a cost effective ingredient for all cooking and baking. An excellent ingredient for producing organic foods it can be used for deep frying or as a confectionery and bakery fat. TIANA Organic Coconut Butter is non-hydrogenated, cholesterol and trans-fat free for a longer shelf life of your finished products.

Used in the food production industry instead of hydrogenated oils containing trans-fat; It has high resistance to oxidative rancidity and does not form trans-fat at high temperatures. Our coconut butter’s important characteristics are – its sharp melting behaviour and narrow temperature range of melting.

TIANA Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is 100% raw cold pressed and suitable to be used as a raw food ingredient. TIANA Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is suitable for baby food production such as infant food formulas.

TIANA Organic Desiccated Coconut


We can supply you in container loads the following grades:

Desiccated Coconut is used in various confectionary and bakery products such as cakes and toppings; it is also used in the ice cream and diary food processing industries.

Organic Desiccated Coconut is different as it retains the natural flavour and aroma of fresh coconuts. The production of our desiccated coconut at every stage is controlled by inspection and quality control testing under Product Quality Assurance.

The production begins with the rigorous screening of the coconuts to ensure that only fresh and mature nuts are accepted. Using modern mechanical shelling machines the coconut shells are removed. All coconut kernels are inspected, manually paring and ground, sterilized, dried, sifted, packaged and quarantined for clearance. There are up to 20 quality control tests, guaranteeing consistent premium quality of our desiccated coconut.


Premium Quality

There are up to 20 quality control tests, guaranteeing consistent premium quality of our desiccated coconut and are available in many varieties such as:

All of these varieties can be supplied as toasted desiccated coconut, sweetened desiccated coconut or toasted and sweetened.

Desiccated Coconut is used in many various confectionary and bakery products such as cakes and toppings. It is also used in the ice cream and the diary food processing industry.

TIANA desiccated coconut is supplied as Organic Certified with shelf life up to 13 months.

Desiccated Coconut is packed in two industrial sizes: 25 kg / 50 kg polyethylene lined multi-layer Kraft paper bags.

TIANA Fair Trade Organic cosmetic ingredients

We offer highly effective organic ingredients for producing premium quality cosmetics and beauty products. TIANA Extra virgin coconut oil is cold pressed from fresh coconuts and provides anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. We are able to supply the high quality organic essential and nutritional oils and plant extracts in bulk for producing your beauty and cosmetic products.


TIANA Animal Feed Ingredients

White Pressed Coconut Cake – excellent as an ingredient for animal feed.

We are able to supply a unique organic white pressed coconut cake that naturally provides animal nutrition. It is suitable for horses, cattle, pigs, poultry and also for making fishing baits. It is 100% pure, Certified organic (UK2) and GM Free. Pressed coconut cake supplied by TIANA, is a nutritious white coloured pressed coconut meat and it is different to coconut oil cake available on the market.

What are the differences between Coconut Pressed Cake and Coconut Oil Cake?

Pressed coconut cake is the residue left after the cold pressing of fresh coconuts during the production of virgin coconut oil / coconut flour. It has white colour and it is a naturally nutritional product.

Our white coconut pressed cake is high in protein, oil content and fibre; it is a good source of minerals and vitamins. That is why it’s an excellent nutritional ingredient for mixed livestock feed including dairy cattle increasing the fat content of their milk, beef cattle, horses, pigs and poultry.

Due to the content of coconut oil TIANA coconut cake provides energy for animals especially horses and the fibre improves animal gut function. Our white coconut cake is free from Aflatoxin and rancid odours. Packing is in 50 kilo PP sacks or shipped in bulk.

Coconut oil cake or copra cake is the residue left after the extraction of coconut oil from copra. Coconut cake contains 4-5% coconut oil which is extracted by solvent extraction process. Copra expeller cake comprises residues from coconut oil left after expeller pressing extraction. Coconut oil cake is also sometimes called coconut meal, it is essential that copra must not be old or rancid as it will cause diarrhoea and animals that are not used to it are somewhat reluctant to feed on this product.

See the difference in colour, quality and nutrition on these photographs:

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