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Beware of Imitations

TIANA is a registered trademark and is exclusively owned by TIANA Fair Trade Organics, United Kingdom

The TIANA LOGOs of ORGANIC FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED COCONUT OIL & COCONUT PRODUCTS are the sole property of TIANA Fair Trade Organics Ltd and accredited for use on the labels of all TIANA products by the following Organic and Fair trade Certifications Bodies:



Under the Trade Marks Act 1994 and Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 it is an offence to make, have in possession for supply similar goods with imitation in design trademark, logos or parts of it for a similar product group. The use of any part of TIANA logo on other brands of coconut oil and similar products which are not produced by TIANA Ltd is not authorised by either TIANA Ltd or the Organic and Fair trade certification bodies.

Owing to the success of TIANA Organic Fair trade certified coconut oil and coconut products, lately it has come to our attention that the TIANA Logo and/or parts of it have been imitated and used to promote similar products that are not genuine TIANA Organic Fair trade Certified.

The consumer public could be deceived and mislead into believing that they are buying TIANA – the only brand of organic coconut oil and coconut products that are fair trade certified which helps the poor families in the developing world. If the product purchased is not genuine TIANA you will not be able to enjoy the wonderful taste and the fantastic health benefits of TIANA’s Products.

Please note that any coconut product offered for sale using imitation or any part of TIANA logo may not be of the quality that you expect from TIANA Organic Fair trade Certified Coconut Products and are not fair trade certified therefore your good intentions to help to fight poverty by buying fair trade comes to nothing except additional profits for unscrupulous companies.

We would like to state that we are in no way connected with any internet re-sellers or their products who are offering coconut oil and coconut products using imitation of our Logo or parts of it for our organic fair trade certified coconut product range and have to issue this warning to all our customers about the use of imitation TIANA Logos and its parts for organic fair trade certified products.

To insure you get genuine TIANA Organic Fair trade certified coconut products or in case of any doubt of the authenticity please contact us as follows:

There are more than 2,000 Fair trade Certified Products on the market including chocolate, teas, coffee, bananas, clothes, coconuts but the TIANA Premium organics range is the only complete range of Fair trade Certified Coconut Products & Ingredients available in the UK.

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