TIANA Fair Trade Organics Ltd commitment to Fair Trade

The complete range of TIANA organic coconut products is in conformity with Ecocert Fair Trade schedule of conditions.

This schedule limits the number of intermediaries so that revenue is shared out fairly and transparently along the entire commodity chain. Ecocert Fair Trade conditions impose strict social and environmental standards.

TIANA Fair Trade Organics Ltd is a registered importer and supplier of Organic and Fair trade Certified coconut products and ingredients including coconut oil, gluten-free coconut flour, coconut milk & coconut cream and all varieties of desiccated coconut in retail and industrial packaging.

As a direct importer TIANA Ltd signed long-terms agreements with suppliers, sharing commitment to raise incomes farmers and workers and boost local economies.

By buying TIANA coconut products the consumers get a double benefit – Fair trade and Organic certified products. The Premium TIANA coconut products are Fair trade Certified by Ecocert Fair Trade; they are fully certified Organic by Organic Farmers and Growers (UK) and also Ecocert SA within EU.

When you buy TIANA fair trade organic virgin coconut oil, flour, milk, cream and desiccated coconut you are not only getting the finest, delicious and nutritious coconut products available, you actively support to Fair Trade and help world’s poor.

TIANA Fair Trade Organics Ltd pays fair prices for all TIANA Fair trade Certified coconut products. The purchase price is also including a profit margin called Premium. Fair trade prices follow the increase in market prices as soon as they exceed 10% and as soon they become a firm trend.

Fair trade price is based on cost of production (taken into account the living wage) and Premium margin to enable farmers and workers to invest in social and environmental projects to support local schools, health clinics, community centers, pay for office equipment, buildings or improving roads and farm improvements in the Philippines. Education is one of top priorities and the premium goes to set up schools and nurseries. Additionally, fair trade price is encouragement to produce higher quality products.

Financing of development projects through setting up Partnership funds.

TIANA Fair Trade Organics Ltd and our partners in the Philippines set up a Partnership fund to support the development of the communities of coconut farmers and factory workers. This joint contribution is to raise the quality of life of the farmers and workers involved in the commodity chain and the quality of life of their families; community-owned equipment, health and education.

Each year TIANA Fair Trade Organics Ltd must submit details of their annual turnover realised from products produced by EFT commodity chain. The amount of the fund is calculated on annual turnover that is why by buying TIANA fair trade products you actively engaged in helping farmers, workers and their families to have a better life. The breakdown of the allocation of this fund has to be submitted annually to Ecocert Fair Trade.

The Ecocert Fair Trade Mark on TIANA product labels is your guarantee:

  • All products checked and certified
  • A fair and stable price to farmers and workers`
  • Increased income for farmer’s and workers families to improve their lives
  • Proof that the products being offered are in fact those which have been certified as conforming to fair trade standards (by observing a process of control, certification and traceability.)

TIANA organic products are certified as fair trade on the basis of the following:

  • Non-GM, Fair Trade Standards prohibit the use of genetically modified ingredients
  • Testing on animals is banned at all levels of the commodity chain.
  • Irradiation of foodstuffs is prohibited and the following additives are prohibited: E124, E127, E 128 and E129.
  • Standards to packaging: PVC, polystyrene and bio-fragmentable plastics are prohibited.
  • Optimum management of waste
  • Protect and improve the environment: buying fair trade certified products helps to promote more environmentally friendly farming methods. Fair trade use mainly biological or organic fertilisers and natural pest control.
  • The products are only shipped to the UK using responsible shipping lines which have strict environmental protection policies in place. Air freight is not permitted for Fair Trade and Organic products.

Farmers and Consolidators guarantee:

  • Avoid the child labour the detrimental their education and schooling
  • Avoid employing expectant women and children for heavy or dangerous work
  • Respect bio diversity and sustainable agriculture

Buying Fair trade Certified products means a better live for poor people in the developing countries. By buying TIANA Organic & Fair trade Certified Coconut Products, you enjoy the taste, quality and health benefits of the finest coconut products and farmers, workers and their families get a better life.