About Ecocert Fair Trade (EFT)

All the premium TIANA range of organic coconut products are Fair trade certified by Ecocert Fair trade (www.ecocert.com)

Ecocert is a well known certification body in the field of organic, fair trade, food safety, environmental and social compliance.

Ecocert Fair Trade (EFT) Standards emphasize social and environmental criteria and require consideration of the entire commodity chain:

The Committee on price setting sets the minimum price for the producers.

  • The Ecocert fair trade certification Committee validates the labels.
    The EFT standards are to be implemented in every part of commodity chain to be able to carry the Fair Trade label. Fair trade labels on consumer products can be only allowed if the whole commodity chain complies with Ecocert Fair Trade Standards.

The Technical Committee monitor the standards.
As a key operator and a UK importer – TIANA Ltd is responsible of the EFT upstream.

All upstream and downstream operators are controlled by Ecocert Fair Trade individually.

What is the difference between Fair trade certified and Fairly Traded companies and products

We are Fair trade certified by Ecocert Fair Trade, one of the largest certification bodies in the World. Our certification is traceable with www.ecocert.com and our certificate number is ESR UK 0064.

There are companies that claim their products to be fairly traded certified, this has no legal standing and has nothing to do with Fair Trade Certification. Without a Fair Trade Certificate a company or its products are not Fair trade certified.