Coconut Oil, Lauric Acid & relief from Candida

Coconut Oil for Good Health - The TIANA Guide to Coconut Oil


Coconut Oil, Lauric Acid & relief from Candida


Coconut Oil for Good Health: references in this article to “Coconut Oil” relate only to Virgin (i.e. unrefined) Coconut Oil. This is Coconut Oil which has been extracted from source only through pressure from a cold mechanical press – and not through separation using chemical agents. Oil extracted from the Coconut using chemicals is tainted by the process; it becomes impure and is then artificially bleached to restore its colouring. If a Coconut Oil is not Virgin – i.e. if it has been refined then it will be an inferior oil and unlikely to provide any of the benefits normally associated with Coconut Oil.

The scope of health benefits provided by Coconut Oil are too numerous to go on a single page, so Look out for the links in the right-hand sidebar. There, you will be able to find information specific to the health benefits of Coconut Oil in relation to a good number of health issues.

Lauric Acid is an essential fatty acid and miracle ingredient; it is present in Coconut Oil (from 40% to 59% depending on the quality of coconut oil) and breast milk (around 50%). It is also found, in smaller quantities, in cow’s milk (2.2%), and goat milk (4.5%).

Laboratory analysis shows that our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil contains the highest percentage of Lauric Acid on the market – up to 57%!

What is Candida?

Candida infections, caused by the fungus Candida Albacans are a widespread health problem.

Candida is a single celled fungus or yeast cell occurring naturally in all healthy bodies and thriving in warm, moist areas. The yeast Candida Albacans is most often found in the vagina, in the mouth, bowel and to a lesser extent, on the skin. It becomes a problem when, for some reason, the delicate balance between the naturally occurring organisms in the body are disturbed and the yeast is able to multiply excessively.

Many people are affected by this fungus. General symptoms include fatigue, headache, digestive problems, joint pains, depression, memory loss, irritability and allergies.

Many people have systemic infections in which Candida grows out of control overrunning the digestive tract and affecting the entire body, including the reproductive system. Systemic yeast infections are called Candidacies (or yeast syndrome); they can infect the entire body and can affect both men and women. Symptoms are varied and even doctors can have difficulties diagnosing the problem.

Many women are familiar with such problems as they can manifest as menstrual irregularities, oral thrush and recurrent bladder problems. Men have the following common symptoms: persistent or recurrent jock inch or athlete’s foot and impotence.


Coconut Oil, Lauric Acid & a healthy balanced diet to fight Candida Yeast infections

When changing your diet to fight Candida, you must ensure that you consume sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals such as zinc, iron and magnesium, probiotics and dietary fibre. You should consider too, our Organics Extra Virgin Coconut Oil which is 100% natural and contains the highest percentage of Lauric Acid available on the market.

Most types of bread contain yeast, and should be avoided. Sugars and a diet rich in carbohydrates can stimulate yeast growth, weight gain are attributed to Candidiasis. If you crave sweets, breads, potatoes or any other form of carbohydrates there is a possibility that you have overgrowth of yeast in your body.