Organic Coconut Cooking Butter

TIANA 350ml Coconut ButterNO coconut aroma, NO coconut taste. A cost effective alternative to virgin coconut oil for all cooking & baking. NO cholesterol, NO trans-fat.

We manufactured our TIANA Organic Coconut Butter product on numerous requests from consumers who prefer a tasteless coconut oil so that they will be able to fry eggs and meat and not to have any even a delicate coconut flavour.

Our TIANA Organic Coconut Butter is packed in 350ml glass jars

The product is a great value product and sold in stores at the price of £4.99




TIANA Organic Coconut Butter has superb heat resistance, making the product an excellent alternative to cooking oils for all frying, stir-frying, deep frying, roasting and baking. Cholesterol and trans-fat free. It has no coconut taste or aroma. Smooth, creamy, all purpose coconut butter produced using innovative technology without chemicals or high heat.

TIANA Organic Coconut Butter – all purpose cooking butter

  • Superb heat stability
  • Great value coconut cooking butter
  • 100% Vegetarian and Vegan
  • Free From Food Product
  • No coconut taste, No coconut aroma, No cholesterol, No trans-fat, No chemicals, No hexane, No preservatives, No additives, No sugar, No starch, No soya, No yeast, No maize or corn, No wheat, No gluten, No grain, No dairy, No lactose, No colouring, No GMO, No Fish.

What are the differences between TIANA organic extra virgin coconut oil and TIANA organic coconut butter?

They are totally different products and this reflects on the price:

TIANA Fair Trade Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is different to other coconut oils; it is not only used for cooking. It’s a highly nutritional, delicious, premium quality product which is essential for everyone as part of a balanced diet.

Cholesterol and trans-fat free, it is the best from fresh coconut.

100% raw, cold pressed from fresh coconuts absolutely no heat used during production. It has a delicate coconut flavour and smell, a wonderful creamy taste when eaten naturally. Delicious as spread on toast or can be added to smoothies and porridge.

Nutritionists’ recommendations: use one tablespoon daily after the breakfast for a healthy balanced and nutritional diets.

TIANA organic extra virgin coconut oil is 100% raw and suitable for raw diets.

Use as alternative to cooking oils or margarine for all cooking or baking.

Excellent for Asian cooking in curries.

TIANA Organic Coconut Butter is versatile coconut cooking butter, produced using innovative technology by expeller pressed production without high heat or chemicals.

Cholesterol and trans-fat free.

All purpose coconut cooking butter without coconut taste or coconut smell is an alternative to cooking oils, margarine or goose fat. Use instead of sunflower or other vegetable oils for frying, deep-frying or baking.