3 makeup trends to watch out for at CEW’s Beauty Awards


Guessing the best beauty trends of 2017
(and how to achieve them!)

If you love makeup, but haven’t heard about CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women), it’s time to fill you in.

CEW represents women working in cosmetic, fragrance, and personal care. Each year, the products winning big at CEW’s Beauty Awards are given the hat-tip they need to gain worldwide recognition from experts and shoppers alike.

This is probably the most exciting time for CEW in recent years. Along with the launch of a young executive programme addressing barriers to education amongst industry newbies, CEW’s Beauty Awards have also seen a record number of submissions this year.

Tiana Organic Beauty Sensations Range

For the 2017 awards, we at TIANA are honoured to submit our 100% natural Beauty Sensations for hair and skin as one of 400 ranges wrestling for a CEW accolade.

We had a lot of fun handing out samples of our softening skin supplement, intense hair treatment, and gorgeous anti-aging moisturiser to potential voters at #CEWDemoNight this month.

TIANA Fair Trade Organics attend CEW Beauty Awards' 2017 #CEWDemoDay handing out samples of our Beauty Sensations range for hair and skin care.

Intimidating? Yes. Exciting? Definitely!

As voting kicks off, we speculate on the three biggest beauty trends to watch out for this year, along with some tips on TIANA lovers can make use of the trends, at home, using natural ingredients:

  1. Bearing bold colours

The colour boom is just getting started” claimed IT Cosmetics CEO, Jamie Kern Lima earlier this year. She wasn’t wrong.

Market trends prove that now is the golden age of bold colours, with the projected value of cosmetic pigmentation sky-rocketing.

So what does that mean for natural, organic, beauty lovers? Thankfully, just because many shop-bought lipsticks contain nasty parabens, it doesn’t mean you can’t recreate bold looks using natural coconut oil at home. Read up on Wellness Mama’s lip stain recipes using natural ingredients like coconut oil and colourants like turmeric or beet powder.

  1. The only way is ethics

A new, ethical way of working is tipping food and beauty business on its head.

Year on year, droves of shoppers pick ethics and quality over all else.

At TIANA, we’ve always understood the importance of paying workers a fair price and ensuring fair working conditions. That’s why we set up the Fair Trade Project to support the Philippine farmers determined to source premium produce for every TIANA item.

Always check the label for information information on organic, Fair Trade, or suitability for vegetarians. By buying your beauty goods from TIANA, you can guarantee that you are helping, not exploiting, workers. Watch Janey Lee Grace’s review of our ethical anti-aging moisturiser here.

  1. Using 100% natural

At TIANA, we know that it’s possible to create gorgeous beauty products without nasty chemicals. Even our original coconut oil, launched over 15 years ago, is free from anything but the goodness extracted from pure organic virgin coconuts.

But now, even industry behemoths like American supermarket, Target, are catching wind of the consumer march towards all-natural products, announcing the planned removal of chemical ingredients from their cosmetics.

No wonder our award-winning Beauty Sensations range is causing a commotion. Our entire range is free from artificial fragrance, parabens or chemicals. With anti-aging moisturiser including rose demascena essential oil, intensive hair treatment with argon oil, and a skin supplement of 100% virgin coconut ingredients, TIANA is proud to be part of the beauty revolution!

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