TIANA Coconut Nectar in New! Magazine

The New! Magazine staff spent a few weeks without some of their favourite vices, as they tried out the elimination diet in a bid to see what difference it made. Great to see that Sarah decided to cut out refined sugar for weeks and instead opted for our guilt free sugar alternative TIANA Premium Organic Crystallised Coconut Nectar to sweeten her tea instead. After a month without refined sugar, she said she feels fantastic, more alert and has even dropped a few lbs!



TIANA Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil For A Healthy Immune System

immune winter

When the temperatures start to drop it is important to support your healthy immune system. There are several nutrients and foods that can help boost your body’s resistance such as vitamin C, zinc and even coconut oil.

Top Immune Boosting Foods

  • Garlic – Contains allicin which fights bacteria and protects against infections, so add a dose to your next meal!
  • Raw Honey – Contains antibacterial properties which can help fight infections and fungi. Make sure you choose a raw enzyme rich honey like TIANA Pure Organic Wild Flower Honey  which is 100% raw, unheated and full of active enzymes
  • Mushrooms – Are full of vitamins and minerals including protein, fibre, vitamin C, B vitamins & calcium. They are also rich in the compound beta-glucans, which have been long known for their immune enhancing properties. On your next shopping trip make sure you pick up some Shiitake, Maitake or  Reishi, mushrooms as these are known to be the best for the immune system.
  • Coconut Oil – TIANA Fair Trade Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil can be used for healthy immune system as it is a fantastic natural food supplement. It has the richest source of lauric acid which coverts to Monolaurin, which is the actual compound found in breast milk that helps to strengthen a baby’s immune system. So start taking a spoonful of TIANA Fair Trade Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in the morning with your breakfast to help protect you against those pesky colds this winter!



TIANA Recipe featured in The Voice

Recipe The Voice


Great  to see TIANA Coconut and Double Crumble Muffins recipe featured in The Voice.  If you want to give this recipe a try, remember that TIANA Raw Organic Coconut Goodness is not just used for that scrumptious crumble topping and is also diluted with a little water to make the delicious raw coconut milk ingredient – so there’s no need to buy a separate coconut milk! Why not give it a go and send us a picture over twitter.  Happy Baking!

Hair Products You Should Be Using…

TIANA Coconut Oil - Hair Products

Great to see TIANA Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil mentioned. It’s a truly fantastic multifunctional product, click on the image to read the article.

TIANA Coconut Oil featured in Top Sante

Top Sante


Discover the benefits of oil pulling with TIANA Fair Trade Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil as featured in Top Sante. Click on the image above to read the article

TIANA at the BBC Good Food Show London

bbc good food


We will be exhibiting at the BBC Good Food Show this weekend! Make sure you visit us at stand E22 if you’re coming down for amazing discounts and plenty of TIANA superfoods to try. The BBC Good Food Show is the ultimate foodie day out filled with food tasting, dining, shopping, celebrity chefs and cooking demonstrations. If you have a passion for all things food then the BBC Good Food Show is definitely not to be missed!

TIANA Superfoods are not only great tasting (hence our 4 Great Taste Awards so far!) but are also highly nutritious so are ideal as part of a healthy balanced diet. Come and sample some of our best selling superfoods including TIANA Fair Trade Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, TIANA Raw Organic Coconut Water, TIANA Pure Organic Raw Active Honey, TIANA Raw Organic Coconut Goodness, plus much much more!

We hope to see you there 🙂