Yoga Show 2014

Our first Yoga Show was a great success! Thanks to everyone visited our stand, we hope you enjoy your TIANA Fair Trade Organic products.



It is well known that to compliment any fitness regime you need a healthy balanced diet in order to stay in top shape and feel fantastic. TIANA Fair Trade Organic Superfoods are ideal as part of your fitness plan whether it is yoga, Pilates or if you’re an avid gym goer.

TIANA Organic Coconut Water is a great way to rehydrate, in fact it is a natural isotonic, nature’s very own sports drink containing essential electrolytes: potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and sodium. This refreshing coconut water is ideal for quench your thirst after a long work and contains no added fructose corn syrup, colours, acids, sweeteners or sulphates to worry about. TIANA Organic Coconut Water is simply 100% pure coconut water, canned within hrs with nothing added and nothing taken away.

And let’s not forget the no.1 item in any healthy lifestyle, TIANA Fair Trade Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is your must have  staple! TIANA Fair Trade Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is not just a cooking oil  but the most nutrient rich food supplement packed with lauric acid to help support your immune system, energy levels and overall health and well-being.

We were so pleased that TIANA Raw Organic Goodness was loved by so many visitors at the show! It’s raw, unsweetened coconut flesh that can be eaten straight from the jar, added to sauces, curries, used for baking cakes or desserts or diluted with a little water to make coconut milk or cream!

It can also be added to smoothies and nutritional drinks, even the Vitamix guys added a spoonful to make a delicious tropical smoothie!



Why Eat Organic Foods?

The joys of organic foods shouldn’t just be focused on just one month only. Eating organic food has plenty of advantages for your overall health and wellbeing. We asked Natural Living Expert Janey Lee Grace why she enjoys eating organic foods and here are her reasons why:

Janey Lee Grace at Tabitha

  • Organic foods are higher in nutrients, so I get the vitamins and minerals I need
  • It’s important to know I’m not consuming neurotoxins, (pesticides) which can be damaging to brain and nerve cells.
  • Its sustainable, Modern agricultural practices can degrade the quality of the soil, and can cause damage to the environment
  • They are safer for children – whose growing bodies are more susceptible to toxins
  • I like real food, you can sure with organic foods like the TIANA Fair Trade Organic Superfoods that there are no genetically-modified ingredients
  • They don’t contribute to pollution, it’s thought that pesticides can pollute the primary water source so organic farming is the best solution
  • Organic farmers can grow on small scale farms and so help with fair trade
  • There’s no gas ripening which can happen to some fruits
  • Above all organic foods tastes better!It’s the way nature intended

We couldn’t agree with you more Janey! 🙂

Free From Foods now a lifestyle choice?

Source: Natural Products Online

According to the survey by YouGov of 1,039 UK adults, 55% of consumers purchasing free-from foods don’t suffer from an intolerance or allergy and don’t live with anyone who does.

The main reason that non-allergy/intolerance sufferers gave for buying free-from foods was that they are generally healthier/better for you.

Read full article here:


Yoga Show 2014


We are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at the Yoga Show This Year! Make sure you visit us at stand C10 for some amazing discounts and sample some of our most popular coconut goodies including: TIANA Raw Organic Coconut Water – the best way to hydrate after a yoga session, TIANA Fair Trade Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – your essential oil for overall health and well-being , TIANA Premium Organic Crystallised Coconut Nectar -guilt free sugar replacement and much much more. See you then!











TIANA Argan Fresh Coconut TLC – Hair Magazine

Did you spot TIANA Argan Fresh Coconut TLC on the cover of Hair Magazine this month?


Hair Cover

CamExpo 2014

That’s the end of another CamExpo for this year! We always love meeting all the lovely health practitioners and nutritionists who attend the show. Thanks to everyone that came to visit our stand, we hope you enjoy your TIANA goodies! Why not tweet us @TIANACoconut and let us know how you’re getting on? 🙂

TIANA Fair Trade Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and TIANA Pure Organic Raw Active Wild Flower Honey were very popular at the show. Two great superfoods which also work wonderfully as natural food supplements to support overall health and wellbeing. If you want to know more about our raw extra virgin coconut oil or raw active honey, click on the links above.

TIANA stand at CamexpoCamexpo