Coconuts Galore at Holland & Barrett !

Big thanks to the lovely team at Holland & Barrett Glasgow Fort for sending us a picture of their impressive TIANA display!  Holland & Barrett now have lots more of the TIANA range in stock,  so hurry down to your local Holland & Barrett store to see the latest range of TIANA superfoods!

TIANA Display Glasgow

TIANA Coconut Goodness Has a New Celebrity Fan!

We were delighted to see this morning that the lovely Millie Mackintosh is a fan of TIANA Raw Organic Coconut Goodness!

She captioned a photograph saying  “just put some in a blueberry omelette …Yumm #coconutgoodness”

And we couldn’t agree with you more Millie, Yum indeed! TIANA Raw Organic Coconut Goodness is delicious white coconut flesh that can be added to absolutely anything, from smoothies to desserts, curries or even a cheeky pina colada! You can even dilute it with a little water to make your very own raw coconut milk or coconut cream.

Drop us a tweet and let us know how you use your TIANA Raw Organic Coconut Goodness!

Coconut Goodness Instagram