Brr…it’s cold outside!


No doubt about it, it’s freezing out there at the moment! But what did you use on your skin before you braved the cold weather today? Many people only remember to protect their skin from the sun when it’s hot but cold temperatures and harsh wind can also have a negative effect on your skin, leaving it very dry, dull, dehydrated and often wrinkled.

It’s important to remember that when the temperatures are low, it is essential not to use skincare products containing a high content of water. This is because water freezes below 0°C and if your daily skincare product contains water (generally face cream can contains up to 50% water), this water freezes on your skin making fine lines and wrinkles much more visible. That is why when the weather is extremely cold it is best to switch your daily moisturiser to a face cream containing as little water as possible.

TIANA coconut oil is pore-friendly and contains fatty acids that are a natural component of the skin’s barrier making it a fantastic moisturiser.  Our coconut oil not only prevents water loss but actually helps to replace the skin’s lost lipids. It has natural moisturising properties and is packed with nutrients such as vitamin E and lauric acid. So when it’s cold, why not try our coconut oil as part of your skincare regime, with TIANA Rose Fresh TLC Anti-Ageing Moisturiser and TIANA Pure Coconut Oil for Dry Skin from the TIANA Beauty Sensations range. All are made using a unique formulation of 100% certified organic and fair trade ingredients without any additional chemicals or water. Plus, they contain cold pressed fresh organic coconuts that are rich in antioxidants and important nutrients, helping you achieve skin that is brighter, smoother and more nourished. To make our Beauty Sensations, we use a selection of pure virgin coconut oils and coconut butters with higher moisturizing properties that is especially important to beauty products, rather than using food grade virgin coconut oil.


TIANA RRose Fresh TLCose Fresh Coconut TLC Anti- Ageing Moisturiser has a unique moisturising and anti-ageing formula to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, whilst deeply conditioning and hydrating the skin. With a beautiful rose scent and over 300 active nutrients, this ultra-concentrated face cream  is made with 100% cold pressed coconut oil, fresh coconut butter and high quality pure Rosa Damascena oil produced by distillation.


Dry Skin Moisturiser TLC

For an all over body moisturiser try using TIANA Pure Virgin Coconut Oil, which replenishes vital moisture levels leaving skin supple, clear and silky smooth without feeling greasy. It is suitable for dry, mature, sensitive, as well as problem skin. TIANA Pure Virgin Coconut Oil for Dry Skin is 100% pure and does not contain mineral oil – it is truly natural and organic.


But remember not all coconut oil found in stores is good for the skin! Some coconut oils can be refined and if you use such oil on your skin it will be almost the same as using sunflower oil – and you wouldn’t ever do that! There are several brands of cheap, low quality ‘virgin coconut oil’ on the market, which are supposedly organic or even fair trade but are produced from desiccated coconut by expeller, and will not give your skin any benefits whatsoever – quality is always key when it comes to coconut oil so be sure to choose TIANA.


Argan Fresh TLCAnd if you’re hair is also in need of some TLC after being worn out by the cold, not to worry TIANA has all the bases covered! TIANA Argan Fresh Coconut TLC, combines highly effective cold pressed coconut and argan oils. This intensive hydration treatment leaves hair more manageable, healthy, silky and shiny – so what are you waiting for, why not give it a try?