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Organic Coconut Oil – UK Best Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Oil Cold Pressed

Our  Organic Coconut Oil is extra virgin, rawunrefined Cold Pressed and Fair Trade certified. It has won numerous awards as well. It’s makes the best replacement for processed cooking oils and when heated does not produce free radicals. This means that is much safer for deep frying. It is a cold pressed virgin product extremely versatile and it’s not just delicious, it’s highly nutritious, too! Being cholesterol and trans-fat free, makes it also very healthy having profound positive effects on health. This includes better brain function and fat loss. It can reduce your hunger which is related to the way the fatty acids in it are metabolized. This happens because ketone bodies can have an appetite reducing effect. A so-called ketogenic diet (very low carb, very high fat) is currrently being studied to treat various disorders. Is an immediate source of energy when eaten and isn’t stored as fat.

It has high Lauric acid and helps boosting metabolism. Also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help lessening arthritis and fighting Candida.

This organic coconut oil is raw, virgin and cold pressed, and that’s why it can be used effectively in a multitude of ways!   Evidence suggests that it is beneficial for pets struggling with skin issues. In the kitchen it makes for a healthy substitute for your regular oil. It also is ideal for cooking baking and frying because of the high smoke point. You can incorporate it into many dishes (ensure to check out our Organic Coconut oil recipes!) drinks and smoothies.  It is also reported as being ideal for Oil Pulling (although perceived as a modern “fad”, or “trend”, has been practised for thousand of years) and having huge benefits for oral hygiene.  Elsewhere, organic coconut oil for hair and skin also works wonders. Can help treating acne when used regularly. It can restore the condition of damaged or dry hair and makes for a fantastic skin moisturiser. Make sure you try our rose organic moisturiser, perfect as an anti ageing moisturiser. You will find more information about Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil for hair and skin  on the Beauty Sensations section of our web site. The best natural beauty treatments you will ever try. You’ll find much more information on the benefits of virgin coconut oil through navigating the menu at the top.   We are also proud to produce a variety of other products:  coconut flour, nectar (coconut sugar substitute), water, organic butter, as well as a small range of raw active organic honey, all Fair Trade and certified as 100% Organic.

Information in this article relates only to a product that is organic Extra Virgin (i.e. unrefined) Cold pressed and Raw extracted from source only through pressure from a cold mechanical press (cold pressed method), and not through separation using chemical agents. If it is not Extra Virgin – i.e. if it has been refined – then it will have an inferior quality and unlikely to provide any of the benefits normally associated with it.

TIANA’s  Organic Coconut Oil is raw, extra virgin and cold pressed using coconuts that we source from The Philippines. We consider these to be the finest grade available.
You can buy Virgin Coconut Oil at Holland and Barrett ; Nutricentre by Tesco; Amazon; Ocado and many independent health food stores; if you prefer to shop on the High Street, you can find your nearest TIANA stockist here.


Raw Organic Coconut Oil Cold Pressed and our Commitment to Fair Trade

We are committed to organic, fair trade and sustainable agriculture methods. These help to sustain a reliable supply chain from farmer to consumer. Each time you buy our organic and Fair Trade Certified products you will be contributing to the TIANA Fair TradeProject. This project has been helping farmer’s communities and local economies toward a better way of life in the Philippines since 2009.

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